Wayout Studios is the only photography studio that rents out the Canon EOS 5D MARK IV.

The 30 megapixel sensor delivers images rich in detail, even in the brightest and darkest areas.
• Dual Pixel Raw is an alternative file format that allows photographers to adjust image quality after capture.
• Low-light performance is improved throughout the ISO sensitivity range, up to the maximum setting of ISO 32,000 (expandable to ISO 102,400).
• The Digital Lens Optimizer, in combination with Lens Aberration Correction, compensates for optical phenomena and the effects of the camera’s low-pass filter, resulting in stunning image quality.

It is possible to rent lenses compatible with the Canon EOS 5D MARK IV.


Don’t miss a single detail
The 30.4-megapixel CMOS sensor delivers detailed, low-noise images, even in the brightest and darkest areas. Higher resolution means you won’t miss a detail and give you the freedom to crop the image to get the perfect shot without compromising on quality.
The “Fine Detail” style was included in the 5D Mark IV to maximize the amount of detail captured by the camera’s 30.4 megapixel sensor. This setting prioritizes tonal gradation and brings out the greatest detail.
The “Fine Detail” style integrates three adjustable sharpening parameters similar to those of Adobe Photoshop’s Unsharp Mask filter and Canon’s DPP software.

Review and optimization
Each of the EOS 5D Mark IV’s 30 million pixels is made up of two photodiodes, which can be used together or separately. This technology allows for the creation of Dual Pixel RAW (DPRAW) files, which contain a pair of images shot from two slightly different points of view. When processed in Digital Photo Professional software, DPRAW files allow photographers to make image adjustments to ensure maximum sharpness in the desired area.

Outstanding performance even in low light
Best low-light performance at any ISO setting, with reduced digital noise and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 32,000 (expandable to ISO 102,400). Experience superb image quality even in suboptimal lighting conditions.

Next generation image processing
The built-in lens aberration correction function improves lens performance by compensating for factors such as diffraction, distortion, and chromatic aberrations to produce a visually superior image.

Digital Lens Optimizer
Digital Lens Optimizer adds another level of correction, affecting even more optical phenomena and the effect of the camera’s low-pass filter. The result: optimized performance and incredible image quality.

Sharpness, contrast and colour
The 5D Mark IV features a selection of Auto White Balance (AWB) settings that offer a different approach to artificial light. “Ambience Priority” is designed to keep some of the warm color tones for shooting under artificial light sources in order to preserve the atmosphere of the scene; “White priority” eliminates most of the warm tones for shooting under tungsten lighting to obtain images with the most neutral colors possible.


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