Rental Photo studio in Florence, rental, with two rooms of laying, still life and fashion, where to set photography, commercials, tv, film, castings, auditions, workshops and meetings.


The space of 500 m2, with a zone limbo/ cyclorama white curve that extends to 8 meters and is equipped with industrial sockets to harness the power of the lights needed.
The Studio has been designed specifically for these purposes with an electrical system of 11,000 watts with 16 AMP, air conditioning / heating.
Entrance driveway for loading and unloading.
Sale of poses with make up area, internet, wi-fi, dressing room and bathroom with shower.

For rent.

You can also rent
- Photographic equipment and video
- Cameras: Canon, Nikon, digital back Mamiya Leaf of 6x4.5,
Mamiya RZ 6X7 or 10x12 Synar
- Lights by Bowens, Profoto, Elincrome
- Green Screen

Who we are.

WayOut is a really strong and active in the overview of fashion photography, fashion and still life.
The study has to its credit 10 years of professional experience in the areas mentioned and consists of a versatile team of young creative people, who compete in the field of photography, design, visual and social media-communcation, business and corporate strategy, fashion stylist , make up artist, hair stylist, production assistance for photo and film post production and creative web-design.


E' possibile noleggiare:
- attrezzature fotografiche e video
- macchine fotografiche: Canon, Nikon, dorso digitale Leaf su Mamiya 6x4,5,
Mamiya RZ 6X7, o Synar 10x12
- Luci Profoto Elincrome e Bowens
- Green Screen
- Cavalletti, stativi, boom e varie
- Macchina del vento
- Videoproiettore
- Fondali

Chi siamo.

Lo spazio rappresenta una realtà forte e attiva nella panoramica della fotografia fashion, moda e still life.
Lo studio ha al suo attivo 10 anni di esperienza professionale nei settori indicati ed è composto da un team polivalente di persone giovani e creative, che competono nel campo della fotografia, grafica, visual e social media-communcation, business e strategia aziendale, fashion stylist, make up artist, hair stylist, assistenza di produzione fotografica e cinematrografica, post produzione e creatività web-design.


  • Nikon D800
  • Canon Markill 1 DS
  • Mamiya DF645 – Leaf aptus 2-7
  • Mamiya RZ67 – Leaf aptus 2-7
  • Sinar 10×12 – Leaf aptus 2-7
  • Sony alpha 6000
35/1.4 sigma art28/2.8




Adattatori Nikon/Canon

Commlite Autofocus Adaptor

4 heads digital rx6 heads quadmatik 2khs2 b1 1000
b1 500
Fresnel 1000 watt
3 digital 2400 rx
2 style 1200 rx
2 quadmatic 1.5ka
2 quadmatic 3ka
Light ModifierLight ModifierLight Modifier
Standard 50°Standard 50°Beauty Dish
Grid setGrid setGrid set
Square 44 cmWide 120°
SnootSoft light 75° 37.5 cm
Beauty Dish white 70 cmBeauty Dish 50 cm
Deflector setSun Lite 40°
Lighting Umbrella (interior/exterior):
[different sizes]
Collapsible Reflectors:
[different sizes]
FlashLed Lights
white/blackGold Circular ReflectorFlash Sync CableMini Led VILTROX LL-126VB
silverWhite/SilverTrigger ElinchromeLed YONGNUO DIGITAL YN600L
silver/whiteGold/SilverTrigger Profoto
white7 in 1: Gold/Silver/Silver-Gold/ White/ Chroma Green/ Chroma Blue (150x200cm)Trigger Standard
White-silver removable/ blackLastolite White/GoldFlash Speedlight canon
White/ Black TranslucentLastolite White with netFlash Speedlight nikon
Silver/BlackLastolite Black with netRing Flash Bowens

  • 2 Octodome extra small for hot light
  • Fomex 45×45 cm
  • 2 Unversal Softbox 50X70 cm
  • Profoto Softbox RFI 1,3×2’
  • Aurora Lite Bank 40×180 cm
  • Aurora Light Bank 150 cm Octabox
  • Aurora Tera-D 59’’
  • 2 Waffer 70×100 cm
  • 2 Waffer 140×100 cm
  • Waffer 100×75 cm
  • Chimera Photographic Lighting L Super 140×190 cm
  • Elinchrome Recta 72x175cm
  • Adaptor Ring Bowens
  • Adaptor Ring Elinchrome
  • Adaptor Ring Profoto
  • Honeycomb Softbox big/small
  • Windlight Bowens

Brands: Gitzo & Manfrotto

Tripods Heads:

  • Benro Brn00 Series Ball Head
  • 2 Gitzo France
  • Fatif
  • Manfrotto 701HDV
  • Manfrotto 804RC2
  • Gitzo France 523
  • Majestic Head 1600
  • Head Gitzo horizontal pole


  • Small Fog
  • Wind


  • 2 wind up
  • 2 high stand with wheel
  • 16 stand master/medium/mini
  • 6 floor stand
  • 14 autopole
  • megaboom
  • boom
  • 2 mini boom
  • Asahi Pentax Copipod
  • 10 spring clamp
  • 8 super clamp
  • 11 double super clamp


  • Chromakey Green Screen cotton/paper
  • Black background cotton
  • Muslin Backdrops abstract textures (different colours)
  • Paper’s background: black, white, pink, violet, brown, orange, red, blue (different kind), green (different kind), yellow (different kind)
  • Black and white Polystyrene panels
  • Parquet Floor Paper/ Wood

  • Accessorize Rig – Matte Box – Cage – Follow Focus
  • Slider
  • Mini slider with wheels
  • Microphone
  • Monitor
  • Steadycam Manfrotto
  • Cambo eris support ring

  • Still Life Table
  • Fatif Stand Camera
  • Cube Light
  • 2 Mac Apple 27’’
  • 2 Mac Apple 15’’
  • Software Capture One (last update)