Wayout studios Florence

Creative coworking in Florence

Wayout Studios host WOS IN THE BOX, a coworking space dedicated to design freelancers, photographers, small start-ups and consultants. It is a shared space that allows you to rent a workstation in an economical, dynamic way and without constraints.

But it is also a new organizational model of professional and social aggregation, which gives you the opportunity to work side by side with other professionals, to maintain your autonomy but at the same time have the opportunity to share ideas, broaden your contacts, enter into being part of a network of people and companies.

A way of working that encourages networking, in a shared space and with flexible options, so you will always pay only for what you use.


- desk
- Wifi connection
- electrical outlets


- video projector
- sound system
- air conditioning

Entering the box means creating a new and stimulating creative world around you.

The walls are not the borders, but the limits to be reached. We offer you the tools to overcome them.

Personal workstation

WOS in the BOX offers you a desk all to yourself. If you rent your space you won't have to fear finding it occupied by someone else. Your desk will be yours alone, every day, from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm!

Meeting room

WOS in the BOX offers an exclusive open space meeting room for conferences, meetings and workshops. The rooms accommodate from 2 to 20 people and can be booked by the hour or for one or more days.