Wayout studios Florence

Photographic posing room with limbo

Our studio features a versatile space with a brick limbo, allowing us to adapt the environment to your specific needs. Whether it’s photographic sessions for catalogues, campaigns, portraits, products or anything else, our brick limbo offers the flexibility necessary to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Photographic posing room

Unique scenography

We want to make every shot memorable. For this reason, we provide a wide range of unique and creative scenography. Whether you're looking for an elegant backdrop for your collections or a bolder setting for a look book, we have settings to suit every style and taste.

We have floors, props, walls, backdrops and everything you need!

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Lighting and Digital Assistants

WayOut provides you with a team of experienced assistants skilled in working with a variety of photographic styles and sets, ready to help you capture the essence of your project or vision (on-demand service).


48m2 (6x8m) installation platform with 6.5m high ceilings


WI-FI, dressing rooms, A/C, 11,000W electrical system

Photographic limbo

Tailor-made services

We understand that each customer is unique and therefore we are committed to providing a personalized service. We make our experience available, we are open to discussing your proposals, needs and preferences, in order to guarantee a smooth working experience.