Wayout studios Florence

Photographic boiserie for hire

Wayout Studios offers the rental of a 12m2 corner with wood paneling (3x4m – 3m high) for the creation of professional environmental photography services.

Black and white polystyrene panels, make-up and stylist area are included and on request it is possible to set up your shooting corner with carpet, parquet or different floors. Furthermore, Wi-Fi, high voltage electricity and a toilet will be at your disposal.

Rent a corner of wood paneling designed and built specifically for photo shoots.

The careful choice of photographic backdrop and location can make the difference between a mediocre photograph and an extraordinary one, helping to effectively communicate the desired message and capture the viewer’s attention.


12mq, angular


3x4m lxL - 3m H


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Wayout studios Florence

Creative coworking in Florence

Wayout Studios host WOS IN THE BOX, a coworking space dedicated to design freelancers, photographers, small start-ups and consultants. It is a shared space that allows you to rent a workstation in an economical, dynamic way and without constraints.

But it is also a new organizational model of professional and social aggregation, which gives you the opportunity to work side by side with other professionals, to maintain your autonomy but at the same time have the opportunity to share ideas, broaden your contacts, enter into being part of a network of people and companies.

A way of working that encourages networking, in a shared space and with flexible options, so you will always pay only for what you use.


- desk
- Wifi connection
- electrical outlets


- video projector
- sound system
- air conditioning

Entering the box means creating a new and stimulating creative world around you.

The walls are not the borders, but the limits to be reached. We offer you the tools to overcome them.

Personal workstation

WOS in the BOX offers you a desk all to yourself. If you rent your space you won't have to fear finding it occupied by someone else. Your desk will be yours alone, every day, from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm!

Meeting room

WOS in the BOX offers an exclusive open space meeting room for conferences, meetings and workshops. The rooms accommodate from 2 to 20 people and can be booked by the hour or for one or more days.


Wayout studios Florence

Welcome to the Perfect Space for your Events!

If you are looking for the ideal place to celebrate special moments, organize professional meetings or hold unforgettable events, you are in the right place! Our underground space is designed to meet your every need, offering a versatile and welcoming environment.

Oltre 500mq a disposizione per i tuoi eventi aziendali, le tue feste, i tuoi congressi e molto altro!

An all-inclusive space in the heart of Florence

Versatility without borders

Our space is flexible and adapts to a wide range of events, including conferences, private parties, corporate presentations, temporary stores, art ateliers and much more.

Technological innovation

Equipped with the latest audiovisual and lighting technologies, we guarantee an immersive experience for your guests, making every event a success.

Personalized Services

Our team is ready to assist at every stage, from planning to execution of the event, to ensure that every detail is taken care of according to your preferences.

For any occasion

The atmosphere of our space is designed to create a comfortable and stimulating environment, which encourages socialization and networking.

Corporate Events

You can organize meetings, presentations, or team-building activities in a stimulating and professional environment.

Private parties

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other special moments in a unique and customizable context.

Conferences and Workshops

Offer your participants an unparalleled learning experience with our state-of-the-art facilities.

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Wayout studios Florence

Photographic posing room with limbo

Our studio features a versatile space with a brick limbo, allowing us to adapt the environment to your specific needs. Whether it’s photographic sessions for catalogues, campaigns, portraits, products or anything else, our brick limbo offers the flexibility necessary to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Photographic posing room

Unique scenography

We want to make every shot memorable. For this reason, we provide a wide range of unique and creative scenography. Whether you're looking for an elegant backdrop for your collections or a bolder setting for a look book, we have settings to suit every style and taste.

We have floors, props, walls, backdrops and everything you need!

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Lighting and Digital Assistants

WayOut provides you with a team of experienced assistants skilled in working with a variety of photographic styles and sets, ready to help you capture the essence of your project or vision (on-demand service).


48m2 (6x8m) installation platform with 6.5m high ceilings


WI-FI, dressing rooms, A/C, 11,000W electrical system

Photographic limbo

Tailor-made services

We understand that each customer is unique and therefore we are committed to providing a personalized service. We make our experience available, we are open to discussing your proposals, needs and preferences, in order to guarantee a smooth working experience.

Still Life

Wayout studios Florence

Area equipped for still life photographic services

Wayout Studios stands out as the only studio in the city to offer a room completely dedicated to technical still life, always ready and set up. Included in the cost is a light bench and the necessary lights, black and white panels and diffusers for the creation of shots/e-commerce.